New feelings of scarves hermes

In this regard, scarves hermes has always been loose cannon, holding silent enlivening answer and no bills than in marketing. But with slower performance, increasing competition, has been a leading "slow culture" love of horses being laid off but quietly within the corresponding adjustment to break the "no contact" spell. For digital marketing, Herm├Ęs has always been cautious. In addition to official website, never get involved in the field of electronic commerce. This and to launch 6 online sale shoes can be break through "routine". The six shoes belonging to love horses, Homestead holiday series, listed only this spring of 2013, Basha has exclusively offered the opportunity to buy online in advance.

scarves hermes

scarves hermes China public relations said that beginning from this cooperation, but e-commerce features of globalization can quickly pass information, Hermes fans can be ordered under in any corner of the globe. In addition to, Basha electronic copy of The Bazaar Book 6 shoe, will also be introduced, by virtue of Basha's influence, Hermes shoes sale are immediately sold to the world. It is understood that 6 soles will be with the special "b" word mark is sold at, its location and the price difference is relatively large, $ 600~1600. In fact, the shoes are loved horses being laid off select special promotion is no accident.